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Programs Offered

After school each day, our Education Directors and volunteers assist Club members with homework help and tutoring through a program called Power Hour. Each of our Branches offers Stride Academy which is a program that accelerates learning with an engaging curriculum for all ages K-12. In the summer all Branches offer Brain Gain which is comprised of 17 one-week modules with themed activities for elementary school, middle school and high school students that prevent summer learning loss. College Prep outreach is offered to all teens which includes assistance with applying for financial aid, applying to colleges, and opportunities to visit college campuses. 

Character & Leadership

Members are encouraged to become responsible and caring citizens though leadership programs. Keystone Club is a leadership Club for teens 14-18; Torch Club is a  leadership Club for youth 11-13; and Jr Staff Program allows youth ages 12 and up to take on leadership roles throughout the Club helping staff in areas. Youth of the Year is a recognition and awards program that acknowledges outstanding members in the Clubs. The Youth of the Year program helps young people develop their leadership and communication skills. 


Become a Member
Health & Life Skills

As an organization we are dedicated to teach members how to live a healthy life.  We offer all members the opportunity to stay active by providing fun physical activities both indoors and outdoors. Teens participate in a program called Productive Futures which teaches teens how to grocery shop, meal plan, live on a budget and explore career opportunities. Lead to Feed is a program run by Board members which teaches teens how to work together through cooking. During the dinner Board members mentor and visit with other Club members who are invited to attend the dinner. 

The Arts

Unfortunately in many schools, art education is not available as it once was. We understand that and provide art education at all of our Branches with a dedicated art staff who oversees art programs at the Branch.  National Fine Arts Exhibit Program is a program though Boys & Clubs of America that is open to all ages and incorporates drawing, painting, pastels, printmaking, collage, mixed media, and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.  IMAGEMAKERS National Photography Contest is open to all Club members and teaches youth about photography. We hold a local competition annually with black & white, color and digital process photography which is judged, and all winners are submitted to the regional Boys & Girls Clubs of America competition. National Digital Arts Festival is a program that specializes in graphic design, music making, film making and game design.
Career Development 

As an organization, we want all our Club members to be productive and caring citizens. To help members reach these goals we offer several programs focused on career development. Career Launch is offered to ages 13-18 and helps asses members' skills and interests and allows them to explore career choices. Members are encouraged to make sound educational decisions and prepare to join the work force. Money Matters is a program sponsored by Charles Schwab Foundation for ages 13-18 that promotes financial responsibility and independence by learning basic money management skills. Productive Futures is a program created by our organization that teaches teens how to properly prepare for life after High School.  The program offers members information regarding applying to colleges and technical schools to help each member obtain a career in their desired field. 
Sports & Fitness

Encouraging members to live a healthy lifestyle starts at the Club. Part of living a healthy lifestyle is staying active and fit. We provide several fun ways for all our Club members to stay active each day at the Club, and this promotes positive use of leisure time and reduction of stress.  TRIPLE PLAY 
encourages members to become healthy and active by learning new ways to manage stress, improving their physical fitness through regular physical activity and competitive sports leagues and building both their positive social skills and character. Each year we have a Basketball League that is free of charge for all members. The league promotes physical activity, healthy life style and team work.  All our Clubs have a fully equiped game room with games such as foosball, air hockey, ping pong, and pool. Fun interactive tournaments are held for all members to participate in which foster Social Recreation
Teen Programing
Teen Centers

We are proud to serve teens and offer teen programming at all five of our Branch locations. Each of our Branches serves teens up to 18 years of age. Currently we have four teen centers located within Clubs that are staffed with dedicated Teen Directors. Teen Centers offer teens a place of their own to express themselves with peers and receive guidance from a trusted staff. Learn More
Teen Programming

As as an organization we understand that providing teens with fun specialized programming is crucial to retaining them as members. We offer a wide range of programs geared to teens only.  Programs that are offered include leadership opportunities, educational programming and job shadowing through the following programs: Keystone Club, Productive Futures, Lead to Feed, Junior Staff Elite, and Youth of the Year Program. Learn More
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