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College Prep outreach is offered to all teens which includes assistance with applying for financial aid, applying to colleges, and opportunities to visit college campuses. Homework assistance for middle school and high school students is available daily at each Teen Center.  Money Matters is program sponsored by Charles Schwab Foundation for ages 13-18 that promotes financial responsibility and independence by learning basic money management skills. 
Teens participate in a program called Productive Futures which teaches teens how to grocery shop, meal plan, live on a budget and explore career opportunities. Lead to Feed is a program run by Board members which teaches teens how to work together through cooking. 
Keystone Club is a leadership Club for teens 14-18.  Jr Staff Program allows youth ages 12 and up to take on leadership roles throughout the Club helping staff in areas. Youth of the Year is a recognition and awards program that acknowledges outstanding members in the Clubs. The Youth of the Year program helps young people develop their leadership and communication skills. 
Basic Info
Teen Center Locations
  • Gatlinburg Teen Center:                                                                 Teen Director: Josh Mullins                                                       865-436-0833
  • Kodak Teen Center:                                                                 Teen Director: Adam Norris                                                   865-933-3718
  • Pigeon Forge Teen Center:                                                    Teen Director: Chip Bryan                                                       865-774-0039
  • Sevierville Teen Center:                                                         Teen Director: Tyler Redding                                                      865-428-5437
    • Hours of Operation
    Monday-Friday after school until 7pm

    Friday Night Live is on Friday's during the school year from 7pm-11pm at Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville Teen centers only. For more information speak to the Teen Director at one of these Club sites. 

     Teens in Keystone Club from three of our Teen Centers traveled to Chicago for Boys & Girls Clubs of America National Keystone Conference
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